Empowered for Mission

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, he told his disciples to wait until they had been “clothed with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). Jesus expected that if we were truly going to do the ministry He did, we would need to do it alongside the Holy Spirit. Yet so many of us today tend to do ministry out of our own spirit and strength, causing the church to be something less miraculous than what Jesus envisioned.

On March 14th, 2020, Reveal Jackson points us back to the Spirit. The whole church has been empowered for mission and so every Christian must have their gifts revealed to them so that they can cooperate in that mission. The best way to get started in finding your spiritual gifting is to first understand what exactly spiritual gifts are from a Biblical and experiential perspective—for some have gifts that they’re unaware of simply because no one has taught them how they work. Follow one of our three tracks to learn more about the gifting of your choice as we worship, pray, and learn together at Reveal Jackson.


Main Speakers


Pastor Jamin Bradley

Jamin has been the lead pastor at 1208GREENWOOD since he graduated from Spring Arbor University in 2011. Their church runs a Dinner Church on Sunday night that feeds the community and a Nerd Church on Monday night’s that reaches out to a Comic-Con type audience.

Jamin has authored several books, including three on the topic of the Bible’s supernatural worldview and spiritual gifts. The Rush and the Rest, is a more academic look at the topic, while Fantasy IRL, is a condensed version written for those new to the topic or outside of Christianity. His most recent book, The Rise of the Water Kingdom, teaches the same topic through allegorical fantasy.


Pastor Steven Hlatky

Steven is the Lead Pastor at Brooke Hills Free Methodist Church. He graduated from Spring Arbor University with a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry, and is currently pursuing his MBA in International Business at American University. His encounter with the Holy Spirit in his teenage years pushed him to search for and recognize the Holy Spirit’s workings in his life and those around him. With a heartbeat for missions, leadership development, and preaching the Word of God, Steven is sure to always commit his work to be influenced and empowered by Holy Spirit. 

He believes there is a (w)holistic approach to the ministry we do for the Kingdom of God. One of his favorite ways to end his prayers is: “Lord, may everyone we encounter, encounter you because of our encounter with You.”


Dr. Ken Brewer

Ken holds degrees from Spring Arbor University, Asbury Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary and Drew University. These studies have also taken him to Germany and Tubingen University. He loves teaching theology classes at Spring Arbor University where he has inspired many students into ministry and teaching. Ken sees himself as a ‘Pastor-Teacher’ who is training students to both “do” ministry and be a critical participant in future graduate studies.

Breakout Speakers


Uni Cunningham

Known to some as Myisha and to others as Uni, Pastor Uni leads Raven-brook Recovery Church in Jackson. She has a passion for the hurting, and a fervor to reach out to those bound in chains to addictions and compulsions.

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Anna Zenz

Anna is the high school youth pastor at JaxNaz in Jackson. She holds a bachelors in Christian Ministry with minors in both communications and youth ministry, as well as a masters in spiritual formation and leadership.


Mike Popenhagen

Pastor Mike is the lead pastor of Radiant Church and is passionate about helping people become followers of Jesus, live in freedom and discover their God-given purpose in life. He and his wife, Jennifer are committed to helping others experience the life God has for them.


Sarah Crane

Sarah is a member of 1208 Greenwood and has been a valuable part of their ministry throughout the years, whether serving on the board, the prayer team, or in other capacities. Her ability to listen to God’s voice has proved very helpful in our services and in leading others to respond to Him.


8:00 | Doors Open

Doors open an hour before things start for you to arrive early and get set up.

9:00 | Session 1

Join us for a time of worship through music and for an opening message from Pastor Jamin on how the spiritual gift of tongues points us towards mission as a church.

10:10 | Vendors

Take a break or check out our vendor booths.

10:30 | Breakout 1

Healing Track: Ken Brewer teaches on the spiritual gift of healing.

Prophetic Track: Steven Hlatky lays out a theological basis for the gift of prophecy.

Leadership Track: Jamin Bradley and Myisha Cunningham teach on miracles.

12:00 | Lunch

Join us for lunch, which is covered in your registration fee. Vendors will be open during this time as well, so feel free to stop by their tables.

1:30 | breakout 2

Healing Track: Ken Brewer teaches on deliverance and spiritual warfare.

Prophetic Track: Steven Hlatky and Sarah Crane teach on receiving and speaking words of knowledge.

Leadership Track: Jamin Bradley and Anna Zenz teach on different factors that can be helpful in discerning the source of a spiritual manifestation or word.

3:00 | vendors

Take a break or check out our vendor booths.

3:30 | breakout 3

Healing Track: Ken Brewer teaches on how to lead people through inner-healing.

Prophetic Track: Steven Hlatky teaches on dreams and visions.

Leadership Track: Jamin Bradley and Mike Popenhagen teach on how to work with the Spirit while leading a time of worship in our church services.

5:00 | dinner

Check out 1208GREENWOOD’s Dinner Church as we serve up some homemade food and give you a sample of a missional church model.

7:00 | Session 2

Steven Hlatky brings the night to a close as he speaks on living the empowered life. After his message, we will enter into an extended time of worship through music while our prayer team prays for impartation, healing, and wherever else the Spirit leads.

9:00 | End

Thanks for joining us for Reveal Jackson! Have a safe trip home!


1208GREENWOOD Free Methodist Church is an urban church in downtown Jackson’s Flat Iron District. They meet inside of a building that was formerly used for manufacturing radio parts. Because of the size of their building, tickets to Reveal Jackson are limited, so make sure you grab yours as soon as you can!

The name of our name is our address, so simply head to 1208 Greenwood Ave, Jackson, MI on the day of the event. You’ll find us on the corner of Greenwood and McNeal. Our main parking lot is behind our building off of McNeal, and our handicap accessible entrance is off of Greenwood.


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