Dinner Church Questions

Do I have to stay the whole time?

No, you may come and leave at your own convenience. Dinner Church happens in 3 phases. Doors open at 4:30pm for people to hang out. Dinner is served from 5-6pm. Our service, which has music and a message, goes from 6-7pm. You are welcome to join us whenever you'd like and leave whenever you'd like.

How much does the food cost?

We do not charge for food, though you are welcome to put a donation in our donation box if you’d like. You can place cash or checks made out to “1208 Greenwood” in it, or you can give online. You can also give back by volunteering at the church in some way.

If you tithe, please consider any food donations to be above and beyond your normal giving so that we can budget accordingly. As always, we are highly appreciative for all of your support.

The doors open at 4:30pm for people to come in early and hang out before dinner starts. All of our volunteers are busy setting up before this time, so unless you are a volunteer, we ask that you wait to come in until then.

When can I come inside?

What if I have allergies?

Our meals are potluck-based, which means we cannot meet any kind of special requests. We do not expect our cooks to work around any kind of allergies whether it be gluten, nut, egg, etc. Likewise, we do not offer any kind of special dish that specifically caters to vegetarians or vegans. We hope you are able to find food that will enjoy in our dinners, but we do not guarantee our food to meet any kind of special requests or needs.

Can I take food home?

If there are leftovers at the end of our dinner, our cooks will divvy them up into take home containers, which you are welcome to take home.

Every 4th Sunday of the month, Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County gives us food to distribute at the end of our Dinner Church services. If you would like to use this mobile food bank, you will want to sign up anytime after our doors open at 4:30pm on Sunday evenings. Our mobile food bank has limited supplies so the earlier you arrive, the higher a chance you will have to sign up and ensure that there are enough supplies for you.

We distribute this food at the end of our service (typically around 7pm). While you are welcome to sign up, leave, and return around this time, please note that if you are not present at the time of distribution, someone else may take your place.

How does the mobile food bank work?

Is your building handicap accessible?

Yes. Our front doors off of Greenwood Ave are handicap accessible. While our main parking lot is behind the church off of McNeal, there are a few parking spots by our front entrance as well.

What should I wear?

Whatever you'd like. Many of us (including the pastors) dress casually. There is no expectation to dress up to come to 1208GREENWOOD.

1208-Bit Questions

No, you may come and go at your own convenience. Doors open at 5:30 for setup and hanging out. At 6:00 the organized gaming event of the night will take place. At 7:30 we’ll have a spiritual conversation. And then at 8:00 there will be a time for free-play.

Do I have to stay the whole time?

Isn’t 9pm on a weeknight a bit late?

For some, yes. For others, no. That is why we aim for 8:00 to be the end of our organized events for the night. We realize that some have school or work the next morning and will want to head home for the night and we completely understand. Others, however, may enjoy another hour to just relax and play a video game or board game or talk. Either way, 8pm is a great time for you to choose what you’d like to do.

When do doors open and close?

We know people like to hang out before and after events, so we’ve naturally built into our schedule a time for this. That being said, since we welcome people to hang out at 5:30, our doors will stay locked until then. The only people inside before this moment will be our volunteers setting up for the night. And since we leave an hour at the end of the night for additional hanging out, please do your best to have your group wrap things up by 9:00 as we’ll be locking our doors at that time and closing things down.

Are there snacks?

There will be a small snack stand available throughout the evening if you would like to purchase pop, popcorn, or other snacks for a small price.