Go Deeper into Jamin's Message on Chaos

Today Jamin released a new book on Sunday’s topic of chaos and chaos creatures. If you care to go deeper into the subject, you can check out the physical copy and Kindle download on Amazon.

Godzilla, Mothra, and Gamera are all well-known kaiju in Japanese stories and movies. These strange creatures, often of enormous size, tend to bring chaos along with them wherever they go. Intruigingly enough, kaiju-like beings can be found throughout the Bible in creatures such as Leviathan, Rahab, and Behemoth. But what exactly are these beings? Are they mythical? Are they symbolic? Are they supernatural beings? Were they living creatures that existed long ago? Or do they still exist today, hidden from us? Can all of these questions even be concretely answered? 

Jamin takes the perspectives of many different scholars into account in attempts to help us find the real significance behind these creatures. This short experimental work is one part academic and one part artistry. Experience what happens when the full-color art of Asia is melded with deep Bible study in, Kaiju of Biblical Proportions.