Jesus' Birth Date

There are a lot of investigations into Scripture that I often think are pointless, like trying to figure out an exact date that Jesus was born on. I struggle to understand why that would truly matter to my spiritual life. 

But then scholars like Michael Heiser prove me wrong in his book, Reversing Hermon (or see his podcast episode, What Day Was Jesus Born?). If Jesus was born on a day that already held important symbolic meaning for the Jews, then his actual birthdate would matter—and that’s exactly the case Heiser makes. 

Today’s podcast is more or less a less detailed version of Heiser’s research, which I taught for Christmas Eve this morning. I always hope to uncover something a little deeper about the Christmas story each year because it’s a story Christians know too well and one of the only stories C&E Christians know. Today’s approach is about as wild as I’ve ever gone on a holiday. Hope you find it interesting as we dive into Revelation of all places!