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Nerd Pastor Jamin Bradley

Favorite Game: Earthbound
Animal Companion:
Flaw: Salad

Rather than hide his nerdy side, Jamin has written books on topics that many pastors avoid. In Alien Theology, he writes about finding God in science and uses the Bible to speculate whether God might have created life outside of our tiny planet. On the other side of things, he explains the dense supernatural worldview of the Bible in his books, Fantasy IRL, and, The Rush and the Rest. He also takes a look at the mythical creatures in the Bible in, Kaiju of Biblical Proportions, and retells the Gospel story with dragons in his allegorical fantasy, The Rise of the Water Kingdom. Outside of pastoring and writing, Jamin has recorded several albums (one of them based on the Chronicles of Narnia), and loves playing video games, board games, and grilling and entertaining guests. You can keep up with him at or email him here.


Nerd Leader Tylar Salter

Class: Human bard (Level 20)
Animal Companion:
Simon & Gunter his favorite guinea pigs
Flaw: Eats whatever is placed in front of him.

Attending Spring Arbor University for a degree in Vocal Music was Tylar’s first major accomplishment. Before that he mainly focused on Dungeons, Dragons, and video games. He was interested in a vocal career however, which privileged him with the ability to sing with Eric Whitacre and Stephen Swartz in New York City. He also has provided much comic relief in many musicals. While he loves singing and took 20 levels in it, he didn’t feel like he was being called to follow that path. Instead he took a job as a supervisor at Chartwell’s Higher Education. This gave him time to think about his calling in life. He knew he loved God and he knew that he loved D&D. He just didn’t know how they could work together—until 1208-bit was formed, then Tylar knew his place. He took up his favored musical device: voice, and began down this new and interesting road. You can email him here.

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